Can C-phycocyanin be used as a sperm protector?

Emma Gabriela Antonio Marcos, O. Monroy Hermosillo, E. Cortés Barberena, E. Rodríguez Tobón, J. G. Rivera Martínez, Edith Arenas Ríos


Veterinaria México OA
ISSN: 2448-6760

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  • Antonio Marcos EG, Monroy Hermosillo O, Cortés Barberena E, Rodríguez Tobón E, Rivera Martínez JG, Arenas Ríos E. Can C-phycocyanin be used as a sperm protector? Veterinaria México OA. 2018;5(4). doi:10.22201/fmvz.24486760e.2018.4.642

C-phycocyanin (C-PC) is a biocompound extracted from Arthrospira maxima. It is a chromophore-protein complex, with antioxidant properties. Its ability to prevent oxidative stress allows for diverse medical applications. This study evaluates the use of C-PC as a protein supplement and an antioxidant for in-vitro sperm preservation in a short-term extender. Viability, progressive motility, DNA damage and percentage of reactive oxygen species where assessed in Swine (Sus scrofa domesticus) sperm stored for up to 72 hours at 4 °C. Treatments with C-PC had the following concentrations: 0, 34.5, 69, 138 and 207 μg mL−1. Progressive motility and percentage of sperm with undamaged DNA were unchanged (20%) after storage for 48 hours using the 138 μg mL C-PC concentration−1.


C-phycocyanin, spermatozoa refrigeration, DNA damage, extender

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