In the cover page of this issue, we illustrate the light fuchsia flowers of G. sepium (right), the white flowers of L. leucocephala (left) and Cooperia sp nematodes. We thank Dr. Juan Antonio Figueroa Castillo and M. Sc. MVZ Sergio Ángeles Campos, who kindly granted us permission to use these images.

ISSN: 2448-6760

Published: 2016-06-28

Genomic analysis of an atypical Mexican low-pathogenic H5N2 avian influenza virus

Giovanni Steffani-Hernández, Fernando Chávez-Maya, Edith Rojas-Anaya, Elizabeth Loza-Rubio, Gary García-Espinosa

Ovicidal activity of extracts from four plant species against the cattle nematode Cooperia punctata

Elke von-Son-de-Fernex, Miguel Ángel Alonso-Díaz, Pedro Mendoza-de-Gives, Braulio Valles-de-la-Mora, Alejandro Zamilpa, Manases González-Cortasar

A single neonatal administration of soybean oil and/or tamoxifen affects permanently the testis histomorphology in adult rats.

Alicia González-González, Everardo González-Padilla, Francisco Fierro-Fierro, María de Lourdes Juárez-Mosqueda, Juan José Pérez-Rivero, Marcela Vergara-Onofre