References instructions

Veterinaria México OA utilizes the style Vancouver with a Digital Object Identifier (doi), and the abbreviated name of the journals to list references.

Vancouver style as suggested by the  International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), and is the most used in publications in Health Sciences. Furthermore, this style is the most compatible with the main indexation systems such as SCOPUS, SciELO and Web o Science, and its available in the most popular software to manage references, like MendeleyZotero and EndNote.


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Common examples

Scientific articles in printed journals

Author (s). Title of the article. Abbreviated name of the journal. Year;volume(issue):pages.


  1. Chassagne M, Barnouin J. The effect of inhibition of prostaglandin F2 alpha synthesis on placental expulsion in the ewe. Can J Vet Res. 1993;57(2):95–8.
  2. De Ibarrola M. Priorité à la formation scolaire pour le travail au Mexique. Tensions et contradictions entre l’ Etat, les secteurs professionnels et les étudiants. Formation Emploi Revue Française de Sciences Sociales [Internet]. 2009;107:25–39. Disponible en:
  3. Rambourg A. Morphological and Histochemical Aspects of Glycoproteins at the Surface of Animal Cells. Int Rev Cytol. 1971;31:57–114.

Online journals

Author(s).Title. Abreviated names of the journal [source]. year of publication [cited]; volumen(issue):pages. Available at: URL.


  1. Aguerrondo I. Complex knowledge and education competences. IBE Working Pap on Curric [Internet]. 2009 [citado 21 octubre 2013];8. Disponible en:
  2. Cardoche L, Prendes M. Competencias sociales requeridas observadas en alumnos de medicina veterinaria: la visión de los docentes. REDVET [Internet]. 2010 [citado 30 junio 2012];11(3):1–17. Disponible en:
  3. Marchant-Forde J. Housing and welfare of sows during gestation. livest behav res unit [Internet]. 2010 [acceded on 25th November 2014]; Available at:


With an online source

  1. Rivera J, Losada H, Cortés J, Grande D, Vieyra J, Castillo A, et al. Cerdos de traspatio como estrategia para aliviar pobreza en dos municipios conurbados al oriente de la Ciudad de México. Livest res rural dev [Internet]. 2007[Article #96] [cited 6th November 2011];19(9). Available at:


With Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

  1. Sève B, Dividich J, Geoffroy F. Préparation et utilisation de l’ensilage de banane en alimentation animale II. Incorporation dans la rations du porc en croissance finition. Ann Zootech. 1976;25(3):313–23. doi: 10.1051/animres:19760304


Printed books

Author(s). Title. Edition*. Author(s) secondary, function. place: editorial; year.

* No datum for first editions


  1. García del Moral R. Laboratorio de anatomía patológica. 3a. ed. Madrid (España): McGraw-Hill-Interamericana de España; 1993.
  2. Huth EJ. Writing and publising in medicine. 3a. ed. Baltimore, Maryland: Williams & Wilkins; 1999.
  3. Pearse A. Histoquímica, teórica y aplicada. Madrid (España): Aguilar; 1960.



Author. Title. [academic degree]. city (abbreviated name of the country): University; year.


  1. Brunius C. Early Immunocastration of male pigs [PhD thesis]. Uppsala (SE): University of Agricultural Sciences; 2011.
  2. Munsterhjelm C. Housing, stress and productivity [MPhil thesis]. Helsinki (FI): University of Helsinki; 2009.